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Hi, my name is Elle Darcy and I believe in the power of kindness, early-morning creativity, and RBG. I’m a self-taught professional photographer residing in gorgeous Portland, Maine with my daughter Lux, whose name means 'light'.

As longtime brand strategist and expert social media marketer, I found an incredible need for my clients to have intentional, storytelling visuals for their businesses, websites, and social media platforms. It was then that I decided to bring my longtime love of photography to the forefront of my work — and blend all the things I was best at into one business.

My services are centered around capturing the very best version of people and shining a light on what they do in the world. I focus on fun and authentic by utilizing natural light, creative locations, and putting you at ease so that I can capture you at your best. From entrepreneurs and small business owners, to coaches and creatives, to wellness professionals and realtors — my mission is to give you the boost of confidence needed to proudly showcase yourself and your services online online with inspired images that embody your unique mission and message.

Merging my purpose and passion has felt like an incredible homecoming — and I cannot wait to take your picture.


Let’s up-level your images with the confidence and clarity of Beyoncé.