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I remember the moment I fell in love with photography. I was 17 years old and had just moved to Nepal to work in orphanages. One day, I drove many miles outside Kathmandu to see the world’s third tallest mountain, Kangchenjunga. The sun was rising climbed atop the jeep with my tiny point and shoot camera hoping to get the picture. It took only a few moments for the tattered, colorful strings of prayer flags in front of me opened to show off the enormity of the earth — and I caught it.

Since that day, documenting people and places has been my happy place, but deciding to turn it into a career took a minute. In my twenties I was a social worker and yoga teacher, but after I had my daughter (who I named Lux, meaning “light”), I decided to change it up. I started my own business in social media marketing and brand strategy in 2016 and it wasn’t until every client was asking me to take their headshot or new pictures for their website, or to overhaul their Instagram, that I finally took the big hint from the Universe.

Merging my purpose and passion has felt like an incredible homecoming — and I cannot wait to take your picture.


Let’s up-level your images with the confidence and clarity of Beyoncé.