The best photos are ones that instantly communicate who you are, what you do, and who you serve. A truly defined brand makes people stop mid-scroll, notice you, and want to become a part of your story.

 But what happens if every photo you have feels “off”? What happens if you keep hesitating to post on social media or finish your website because your images don’t represent the real you? And what happens if you can’t attract your perfect clients because they can’t tell what you’re about? 

elle_plumAsset 1.png


Let’s up-level your images with the confidence and clarity of Beyoncé.


Hi — I’m Elle.

I wholeheartedly believe that my mission is to give entrepreneurs and small business owners the boost of confidence they need to proudly showcase themselves online through authentic, on-brand images that look and feel like them.

My photography style is focused on moments that are authentically real and connect us to one another. As a Maine-based, world-traveling brand + lifestyle photographer, I empower women in business by creating inspired images that energize and embody their brand’s mission and message.

I can’t wait to take your picture.


Brand photography designed for women who want to:

  • Curate a portfolio of images that look and feel like you

  • Up-level both your content and confidence

  • Authentically sell your services and offerings

  • Create a signature, recognizable style

  • Standout in over-saturated industries

  • Inspire and connect with your perfect audience

  • Design an on-brand Instagram theme

  • Showcase your most authentic self on social media and your website